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“NATIONALS PARK” naming rights?

The rock wall behind home plate tells the world that this is NATIONALS PARK. This is new. For the first two years of the stadium the granite was plain and classy, and the identity of the stadium was indicated by the curly-W logo to the left of the granite.

This year the granite is festooned with the words NATIONALS PARK (all caps, all plain block letters). My initial reaction was that it looked clunky and stupid. But then I saw the logo behind the batter at the new Target Field on opening day of the Twins’ new ballpark. And I began to understand.

I would not be surprised if a naming-rights deal were struck with a sponsor this year. The letters behind the batter this year might be there to get us used to seeing a name there. Not that the Lerner family need any more revenue streams from the place or anything, but we’ve been hearing about the possibility of corporate naming rights for Nationals Park ever since it was built, and we’re now in year #3 of the ballpark.

This is, of course, pure speculation on my part; and I’m nobody, a mere fan who reads the news every day. Are the clunky letters on the granite wall merely a placeholder for Geico Park or something similar?