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Caring about the standings

With their 2-0 loss to the Rockies yesterday, the Nationals continue to hold onto a .500 record halfway through the third week of the season. Across Nats Nation, fans have been thrilled to be out of the cellar for the first time in a couple years. Last night I realized another effect this has on my baseball watching.

For the first time since 2005 I have a reason to pay attention to the standings. A real reason. My team is actually performing decently in comparison to other teams. The Mets have stayed in last place in the NL East for about a week and a half, and the Nats are a full game ahead of them with the Dodgers coming to DC. And I’m also enjoying the thrill of the Nats’ being only 1 game back in the NL wildcard, tied with Colorado.

So I now look to see what the other teams are doing. I’m sorry to see the Astros break their four-game winning streak and lose to the Marlins 5-1, since this means that the Fish maintain a tie with Philadelphia for first place in the NL East.

The Nats play the Dodgers for a three-game series starting tonight, and I have hopes that Luis Atilano, who takes Jason Marquis’s place in the rotation after a miserable start to the season by Marquis, the 15-million-dollar man, will succeed in his major league debut.

But I’m also concerned about the Mets-Braves series. The Nats need for the Braves to succeed to keep the Mets in the basement; but Braves success will also strengthen their hold on 2nd place in the division. The Nats can’t gain on the Braves without the Mets gaining on the Nats.

So this is what it feels like to have a real team, eh?

Baseball’s incredible Saturday

As I write this, the Cardinals and the Mets are locked in a scoreless battle in the bottom of the 18th inning. St. Louis just had Felipe Lopez on the mound. FLop walked Angel Pagan, but otherwise got the side out.

[EDIT, 11:08 PM:] The Mets just took the game 2-1 in 20 innings. When they put Pelfrey in (a rotation guy on an off day, a real pitcher), he shut them down.

A few minutes ago, Ubaldo Jiminez just pitched the Rockies’ first no-hitter, beating the Braves 4-0.

The Pirates beat the Reds in the bottom of the 9th in Pittsburgh when, with the bases loaded, Lastings Milledge took a walk to push in the tying run; then Garrett Jones hit a walk-off single. The Reds’ closer Francisco Cordero has to be the goat of Cincinnati right now.

And I like to think that our own Nationals started the wild and crazy festivities on this baseball Saturday when Livan Hernandez pitched a complete-game shutout while his teammates put runs on the board to beat the Brewers 8-0. For a very few minutes, the Nats were tied for second-place in the NL East (with Florida and Atlanta, after the Braves lost to the Rockies but before the Marlins finished off the Phillies). Florida’s victory over Philadelphia, however, put the Marlins at 7-5, while the Nats and the Braves are sitting at 6-5, tied for third in the division.

Did you follow all that?

It feels absolutely brilliant to be a fan of a team that is right in the thick of things–albeit after two weeks of baseball. I even made it onto the scoreboard at Nationals Park today, when I urged everybody to get on their feet with two outs in the 9th and Livo on the verge of his first shutout since 2004. What a wonderful game this is!