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Strasburg’s debut: Now that was something!

So the Strasburg era has begun. Just one day shy of a year after he was drafted, Stephen Strasburg took the mound for the Nationals last night against the Pirates.

Nationals Park was packed (although I was just a tad disappointed that the announced crowd was 40,315 in a stadium whose capacity is 41,888). Unlike recent opening days, this time it was packed with Nationals fans. That was different.

The weather was perfect. It was 75 degrees at game time, with just a light breeze from left field to right. Our seats were perfect. This just happened to be the first of a handful of games we earlier bought in the Stars & Stripes Club level, section 217, looking right down third base. Continue reading ‘Strasburg’s debut: Now that was something!’

Nats in second place–what year is it?

The Nationals ended April at 13-10. They have never had an April record this good in DC. Ever.

Their 2005 April record was 13-11. At that time they were in third place in the division, two games behind Florida and a game behind Atlanta. As of April 30, 2010, they are in second place, one game behind the Mets and a half game ahead of the Phillies.

We in Washington don’t know exactly how to behave when we have a winning team. It’ll be interesting. I know I have steeled myself for the inevitable collapse during every game. Five years of egregious losing will do that to you. It seems proper for the Nats bullpen to break down and give up a multiple-run lead. (Brian Bruney seems to have tried to keep the Nats tradition alive last Monday in Chicago.)

Can it continue? Well, Strasburg and Storen are not even on the Nats pitching staff yet, and Adam Dunn’s bat has not yet awoken from its winter slumber. If the team can hold on until the first of June, the last four months of the season could be very nice indeed in Natstown.