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Day 4–Nationals at Tigers, Lakeland, Florida

Today was the last baseball game of our trip. We’ve had kind of a bummer experience watching the Nationals play so far. They lost to the Dodgers on Saturday, the day we arrived. Then on Sunday, while we were exploring the American space program at Kennedy Space Center, the Nats were in Ft. Lauderdale losing egregiously to the Orioles 11-3. (Alas, yes, it was 11-3, not 8-2 as I reported on Sunday.) Then yesterday they lost rather decisively to the NY Mets, 7-3.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that we drove across the Florida peninsula today to Lakeland to watch the Nationals take on the Detroit Tigers–a formidable team, the American League champions of 2006–in the Tigers’ spring training camp in Lakeland.

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Baseball in Viera–and the Nats Lose

We got an early start today and got over to the Nationals’ spring training site, Historic Space Coast Stadium in Viera, about a half an hour from our hotel in Melbourne. We thought we were early, but we were not at all the first ones there. Today being March 17, there was a St. Patrick’s Day thing going on–everybody (besides us) seemed to be wearing green. Even the teams wore green caps. We thought that looked pretty doofy, but I guess we were in the minority.


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Outer Space–Up the Coast

Day #2 of our Florida trip was devoted to driving to the Kennedy Space Center. The Washington Nationals, our real reason for being here on the coast of central Florida, were playing the Baltimore Orioles in Ft. Lauderdale. (They lost the game 8-2.) Ft. Lauderdale is many hours down the coast from here, just north of Miami, and so we decided to skip that game. When I looked at a map of the Grapefruit League teams, I noticed that Ft. Lauderdale is the spring training location farthest removed from any of the others.

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Spring Training Trip–Day 1

About a year and a half ago, my wife suggested it would be a fantastic vacation if we could travel to Florida for spring training for our beloved Washington Nationals.

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