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Update: Stan Kasten’s officially clueless

Adam Kilgore prints his entire email exchange with Kasten in the Nationals Journal.

Opening-Day storm rages

A lot of people remain quite upset about what happened at Nats opening day. With a stadium oversold with groups of the other team’s fans–who happen to be legendary as some of the worst fans in sports–what could have been a beautiful opening day became a miserable experience for many.

One of the longest threads of comment-venting about this is on Mark Zuckerman’s Nats Insider. (Of course, Mark, who first dug into this, is an independent journalist and not a mainstream-media reporter.) Continue reading ‘Opening-Day storm rages’

The miserable night after Opening Day

The Nationals’ Opening Day loss was miserable, of course: 11-1. But worse was the “fan experience.” The team oversold blocks of OD tickets to busloads of Phillies fans–legendary as the rudest, most boorish fans in North American sport–who overtook Nationals Park and actually booed during the introduction of the home team.

The icing on the cake came in about the 7th or 8th inning, when the Nationals PA man made what I believe was the only such announcement of the day, telling all participants in something called “” to meet their bus at such-and-such a corner after the game. A second later that announcement was posted on the high-def video scoreboard.

So not only did the Phillies fans fill the seats with their blocks of tickets, they literally had the management of the stadium on their side. Meanwhile we very few Nats fans were left to defend ourselves against the drunken Phillies boors at every corner.

It was bad enough to have a team so awful that it allowed the opponents to score double-digit runs for the second home opener in a row. Our own team ownership rubbed our faces in it by making Nats Park into a kind of Citizens Bank Park south.

Tom Boswell lets the team have it in today’s Washington Post with both barrels today for all these ignominies.

Oh, and Barack Obama (for whose presidential campaign I actually knocked on doors in November 2008) had the incredibly poor manners to don a White Sox hat on the pitcher’s mound of Nats Park, while clad in a Nats jacket for the first pitch. I guess he doesn’t understand that he’s not the President of the White Sox.

As one commenter put it on Nats Insider, I had trouble sleeping last night after this debacle. Really.

A Nats fan? Really?

Yep, I’m a Washington Nationals fan, as you can tell from a lot of my past posts. As you also can tell by the date of the most recent post before this one, I almost lost interest in this blog.

But having endured yet another ignominious Nats opening day (Phillies win, 11-1; John Lannan ousted after 3.2 innings; stadium filled with drunken, boorish, antisocial Phillies fans; Nats management kowtows to said Phillies fans by helpfully telling them where to catch the bus after the game), I decided today that Dave’s Midlife Blog will probably morph, more or less, into a Washington Nationals fan blog.

I’m not an insider or “blog-journalist” or anything close to that. I’m a very interested fan who knows a little about baseball, but not overwhelmingly much. I find myself tweeting about baseball and the Nats about as much as anything else.

So okay. I’ll be yet another Nats fan-blogger now. Maybe if I have a slightly narrower focus, I might actually post something to this site from time to time.

The Long-Night Doldrums

Yes, it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted here. Sorry.

It’s the first day of December when I write this, and I’m feeling blah. SAD? Well, maybe just a little. (I recently heard a wag somewhere point out that when we whine about SAD, we’re really just talking about the bloody WINTER!)

It gets dark so early nowadays–at least in the northern hemisphere. It is the very lowest point in the baseball year, as well. The World Series finished over a month ago, and the winter meetings have not yet begun. Spring training is still many weeks away. Continue reading ‘The Long-Night Doldrums’

Nationals Opening Day

A week ago, March 30, it was cold and cloudy in Washington, DC. Nevertheless, Barbara and I dressed warmly and went down to Nationals Park for the official opening game of the Nationals’ 2008 season. Although it was around 49 degrees all day long, we got to the park at 3:30 for an 8:15 game, because the President of the United States would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Security lines would be forbidding, we were told, so it was a smart idea to get there early.

Continue reading ‘Nationals Opening Day’

Back Home–the New Ballpark

After our arrival home from Florida on Wednesday night, Thursday was a free day for me. I decided I’d go downtown into DC and take a look at Nationals Park.

Looking back at the archives of this blog, I am astounded to note that it has been a whole year since I was last down at the ballpark site with my camera. I have been following the progress of construction on the construction cam (to which I won’t link, since it might not be online for very much longer), but I haven’t seen it in person since March 17, 2007.

I expected it to be different–and it was. Where there were once deep pits in some blocks of the neighborhood, there are now high-rise buildings emerging.

Continue reading ‘Back Home–the New Ballpark’

Day 4–Nationals at Tigers, Lakeland, Florida

Today was the last baseball game of our trip. We’ve had kind of a bummer experience watching the Nationals play so far. They lost to the Dodgers on Saturday, the day we arrived. Then on Sunday, while we were exploring the American space program at Kennedy Space Center, the Nats were in Ft. Lauderdale losing egregiously to the Orioles 11-3. (Alas, yes, it was 11-3, not 8-2 as I reported on Sunday.) Then yesterday they lost rather decisively to the NY Mets, 7-3.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that we drove across the Florida peninsula today to Lakeland to watch the Nationals take on the Detroit Tigers–a formidable team, the American League champions of 2006–in the Tigers’ spring training camp in Lakeland.

Continue reading ‘Day 4–Nationals at Tigers, Lakeland, Florida’

Baseball in Viera–and the Nats Lose

We got an early start today and got over to the Nationals’ spring training site, Historic Space Coast Stadium in Viera, about a half an hour from our hotel in Melbourne. We thought we were early, but we were not at all the first ones there. Today being March 17, there was a St. Patrick’s Day thing going on–everybody (besides us) seemed to be wearing green. Even the teams wore green caps. We thought that looked pretty doofy, but I guess we were in the minority.


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Spring Training Trip–Day 1

About a year and a half ago, my wife suggested it would be a fantastic vacation if we could travel to Florida for spring training for our beloved Washington Nationals.

This year, Easter is early enough that my spring break from schoolteaching coincides with spring training. So here we are in Melbourne Beach, Florida, about a half hour away from the Nats’ spring training camp in Viera. Continue reading ‘Spring Training Trip–Day 1’