On the roller coaster

It’s June 1, and the Nats are 26-26. After a major beat-down of the Astros on Memorial Day, 14-4, they are 3.5 games behind division-leading Atlanta in the NL East.

(Of course, anti-Nats could point out that they are trailing that division, but that’s just because Washington comes after Florida in alphabetical order.)

The NL East is arguably the strongest division on baseball, with all teams at .500 or better and the last-place teams in very easy reach of the lead with just a simple combination of someone heating up and someone else cooling off.

So life is good in Nats Town–even without Pudge Rodriguez, Scott Olsen, and not even having seen Chien-Ming Wang yet. (What’s up with him anyway?)

And Strasmas is just a week away. Strasburg debuts on June 8, and as it happens, I have tickets for that day. Just by accident, not by plan.

4 Responses to “On the roller coaster”

  • Strasmas almost sounds as good as HalladayMas, which happens for us about every fifth day, although we have had a little bit of coal in our stockingslately, usually not because of Roy’s shortcomings. I am equally excited about Strasburg coming up and giving the rest of the division a reason to lose. It used to be that I wanted the Muts to lose exclusively, but now I yearn also to see the Marlins and the Braves do likewise. We here in Philly are waiting for the batting slump to disappear, but all in good time. I can’t wait to hear about the Strasburg game.

  • I was delighted to see Roy’s perfect game. It’s good that a star pitcher gets one of those, instead of someone only a few people have heard of. (No disrespect meant toward Buehrle, Braden, or Galarraga, but Halladay’s a Cy Young type.)

    My dream finish would be a race between the Phillies and the Nats at the end–with Nats Park filled with Nationals fans and not Phillies groups.

  • No news on Wang is disapointing – was hoping to see something from him by now – he may be gone, but those in Yankeeland are pulling for him.

  • Hang on to those Strasburg debut tickets. If he lives up to the hype, in 40 years millions of people will say they were at the game. By the way, Luke still takes credit for helping the Nats’ turnaround…

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